Coffee Shop Offers DNA Testing

(AP) CAMDEN, NJ A few blocks from family court and state child welfare offices in this downtrodden city, a coffee shop is serving up more than lattes and muffins: DNA tests are also on the menu.

It’s an unusual combination, to be sure, but one that City Coffee owner and uber-entrepreneur Ronald Ford says makes sense.

Behind the coffee bar, Ford’s employees swab the mouths of clients and the people they want to check for a possible DNA link. The samples are sent to a lab in Texas, and results come back within a week. His fee for the service starts at $550.

Once tax season winds down, he plans on doing more advertising about the DNA testing. He’s also offering pay-in-advance plans.

Ford has found his businesses are helping each other. Some DNA test clients were referred to him by their lawyers, who are regulars at Ford’s coffeehouse.

CBS 3 - Philadelphia's Source For Breaking News, Weather, Traffic and Sports: Camden Shop Offers Coffee - And DNA Testing

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