Genomics and Insurance

Excerpt from conclusion:

Whatever the outcome of the privacy debate it seems clear that genomics will, in time, transform the insurance market every bit as much as it transforms the practice of medicine. The coming deluge of genetic information will force society to discuss openly the trade-offs, such as how to ration care, that have long been made in the shadows. It may even force the insurance industry to explain why it is allowed to discriminate on the basis of factors such as family medical history, pre-existing conditions and sex that are beyond the control of individuals.


Response by Dr. Jim Kaput of http://nutrigenomics.ucdavis.edu/

However this article does not address the limitations of the current
research on genetic testing and the fact that our lifestyles, and
particularly our nutrient intakes, alter our risk profiles.
Relying only on genetic
testing only, would not provide very accurate data for determining insurance
issues (the data is important, but only as a component, not as the only

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